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The Art in Uruguay
From the map of South America, which Joaquín Torres García placed head over heels in 1935 to the present, many liters of painting have run on canvas and papers. As a consequence of the exulting work of a whole generation of artists who have forged an ecclectic, fertile and vast world, intensity, colour, enormous or tiny surfaces of dense material have arisen.
A few weeks after the inauguration of a web page called, in which the work of more than hundred artists has been systematized, Brasil awaits the arival of an exhibition wich acts as a sample of what is being created in Uruguay; while Montevideo hosts at its Museum of Modern Art the National Hall of Visual Arts, in wich more than five hundred artists show their creations. All this within the context of a country which has no more than three million inhabitants.
After the decade of the 1980s, when Uruguay leaves behind the years of a military dictatorship, the country has changed. Artists have moved harmoniously with the new trends and, in their turn have changed THE AUREO COMPASS, the low palette and the constructive canon, for a free expression of gesture and chromatic intensity. From hence a new generation of painters formed in the different FACTORIES- WORKSHOPS wich replaced the Escuela de Bellas Artes, have emerged. These men and women have produced work with high CHROMATISM and dense suject-matter. Bizarre faces, humans and animals whose shapes have moved far from their "real images", objects, assemblages, collages, imaginary, fabolous and magical worlds, quotas of Surrealism, Neo- Expressionism and Pop Art, have all become part of the imagery of the Uruguayan plastic artists.
Violent palettes directed towards multiple directions, sharp incisions, altered relations os scales, overflowing CHROMATISM, soaking objects and vehement stains, have lived with other more peaceful and minimalist expressions full of sparkles of humour and spirituality. It all happened at the right time, the Uruguayan culture was seeking new styles and abroad new vogues were developing.
Joaquín Torres García is still worshipped by some, others have moved away from him and his school. The result is ecclecticism, intense CHROMATISM, TEXTURED or smooth surfaces expressing every individual´s personal freedom. In Uruguay plastic artists are not tied to the establishment. They are all looking for what is most important: a free expression of their souls.
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