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Gustavo Peracio

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Gustavo Celso de Melo - Perácio, is a Brazilian born in the town of Ouro Fino, in the south of the state of Minas Gerais, on june 16th 1938. He went to school in his place of birth, where he, from the very beginning, manifested an artistic calling. Coming from a family of rural aristocracy, he had to adapt to traditions the of his social class, where an artistic life was not regarded the way up in society. Apart from that, in those days, in a small town in the interior, dedication to art was not considered to be normal male behaviour.

Due to these circumstances he was denied the choice of following the artistic path in his infancy. Instead he embarked on an erroneous journey through various activities, all alien to his true calling. He was a banker, barman, office clerk, businessman, attended law school for three years, was civil servant and earned a bachelors title in psychology in Brasíla, capital of Brazil.

In the background of all this, there was always the temptation for artistic manifestations, which guided him to the discovery of his great talents in various forms of art, without any professional artistic education. Living in Brasília, working as civil servant in the Home Office, encouraged by friends, he entered in the First Exposition of Arts from the Public Service and earned third place, out of approximately 2000 participants, with a ceramic sculpture. Later on, still working in the Home Office, he achieved second place in poetry concourse, with a poem called "Eta Minas Gerais". Once returned to his birthplace, he earned another second place in a poetry concourse promoted by the local University, with a poem called "Pinhões Cozidos" (Boiled Fruit). He published a book with a collection of his poems and became a member for live of the Ouro Fino Academy of Literature. When exposing some of his graphic work in Ouro Fino the entire collection was sold. In total more than twenty works of art.

Nevertheless, a great many of his works were destined to gather dust in long forgotten drawers, where they lingered for years. Lingered until the day a relative, after purchasing a small cottage in the mountainous region of Minas Gerais, discovered the collection under the mattress of an old twin bed. Impressed with the expressiveness of the drawings, she concluded that the talent of this dormant artist should be publicly exposed. This time the artist did not resist anymore and decided without futher doubt to give in to the muses of the arts, that had tempted him for a life-time. From that moment on the world of arts would be his world.

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